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Vision and Mission


Our Declaration

      Our vision as Ballet Magnificat! is to present the gospel of Jesus Christ to the largest audience possible through dance, dance/performance, and personal testimony.

      Help restore dance as a worshipful part of Church life by exploring with congregations the role that movement and action can play in expressing faith.

      Give public performances to special audiences, such as orphanages, hospitals, prisons, and senior centers, in recognition of their special place in the eyes of God.

       Provide a visual and artistic Christian witness to the artistic community in particular.

     Fulfill Jesus' command in Mark 16:15 through international tours and workshops.

       Train dancers of all ages in a Christ-centered environment to use dance as a form of worship, with a focus on mission and ministry; to serve dancers and parents who desire a distinctly Christian education for themselves and their children, with biblical principles integrated into every aspect of our teaching.

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